Kawasaki Z250 Street Bike (1 available)

Bike Description

  Similar to it's brother the Ninja 250 but without the fairing. Aggressively styled with an upright riding position, this bike is equally at home in the city or out in the mountains. As it's a smaller bike, we don't recommend it for extended two-up touring but it's great fun for the solo rider and it's power comes in steadily making it suitable for those new to the sport or "out of practice".   More info here

Rental Rate Calculator

Rental Rate (Per Day)

Daily  4+ Days
800 baht 700 baht

Rental Rates Include

    Medical Insurance
    Unlimited mileage
    Free luggage storage
    Advice and route planning

Bike Specs

Displacement 248 cc
Horsepower 31 hp
Weight 370 lbs
Seat Height 30.5 in
Tank 3.6 gal
Saddlebags no
Windshield no
Luggage Rack no
Top Case no