Suzuki V-Strom DL650 XT Adventure Tourer (8 available)

The V-Strom 650 was released in Thailand mid-2015 and after completing many thousands of trouble-free kilometers by friends of ours we have just acquired three brand new top-of-the-range “XT” models. These feature tubeless spoked rims and we have kitted them out with engine guards, a belly pan and bark busters to add much needed protection to vunerable areas.


Together with our Honda NC750X models, we rate the new Suzuki as top of the pile when it comes to mid-range adventure tourers as it has the torquey V-twin engine, great brakes and an extremely comfortable riding position for all day solo or two-up riding. More info here

Honda CB500X Adventure Tourer (15 available)

Released in April 2013. This is Honda’s  mid-range answer to touring here in Northern Thailand. Let’s not hold back, together with the NC750X, we love this bike and we can safely say that they are the perfect bike for a multi-day trip around this beautiful area. Comfortable, easy handling and with a surprisingly “peppy” engine, they are a pleasure to ride. This is our default bike for guided tours, both for the leader and the customer and we fit either Pirelli MT60 or Scorpion Trail tyres so that enticing hilltribe trail you spot can be safely explored.


More info here

Honda NC750X Adventure Tourer (2 available)

Get a load of this – an automatic full sized motorcycle. Yes, you read that right. This bike uses Honda’s Dual Clutch Technology (DCT) to remove the gear and clutch levers but still provide a 6-speed gearbox. It’s a bit funky to ride at first but you quickly get used to it and then start to really enjoy it. It has 3 modes – “Drive” which is full auto and provides the best fuel economy. “Sport” which is also full auto but holds onto each gear for longer to provide swift and responsive acceleration. In addition, there are also shifter paddles on the left bar which enables the rider to use the gears in “manual” mode and run right up to the redline. The paddles can also be used in auto mode to override the full auto box so say for example, you’re in sport mode in 5th (easy to see via the in dash display), you can “paddle down” to 3rd for an upcoming corner or “paddle up” to 6th for the long straight ahead.

Apart from the revolutionary gearbox, the bike is a typical mid-range Honda offering smooth power delivery, a comfortable, relaxed riding position and sweet easy handling whether solo or with a pillion. This bike gets positive reviews throughout the international motorcycle press and really deserves your consideration. Over 25 years old and minimum 3 years full licence holder.


More info here