Honda CRF300L – Off Road Guided Tour Bike

Honda CRF300L – As with our CRF250L this bike is fully modified with all the extras to make a tougher and more off-roadworthy machine but packed with more power and punch. We’ve taken the standard engine and given it an extra 37cc and raised the compression ratio from 10.7 to 1 to 11.5 to 1, with upgraded CDI and modified throttle body, aftermarket exhaust system. The power output has been increased by over 35% from 22.8 hp to a much more respectable 31 hp.
NOT FOR GENERAL RENT. These special project bikes are reserved solely for our OFF ROAD GUIDED TOUR CUSTOMERS.
We only have a limited number of these bikes available so customers will be allocated them on a first to book basis.

Suzuki V-Strom DL650 XT Adventure Tourer (8 available)

The V-Strom 650 was released in Thailand mid-2015 and after completing many thousands of trouble-free kilometers by friends of ours we have just acquired three brand new top-of-the-range “XT” models. These feature tubeless spoked rims and we have kitted them out with engine guards, a belly pan and bark busters to add much needed protection to vunerable areas.


Together with our Honda NC750X models, we rate the new Suzuki as top of the pile when it comes to mid-range adventure tourers as it has the torquey V-twin engine, great brakes and an extremely comfortable riding position for all day solo or two-up riding. More info here

Honda CB300F Street Bike (8 available)

A new model from Honda for 2014, the little 300 is a delightful bike either in the city or out on the open road. It’s low seat height and “flat” bars inspire confidence and it’s torquey, responsive engine punches way above it’s weight. Light, easy handling and economical, it’s a great bike both for newer and experienced riders alike.


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Honda PCX150 (LED) Auto Scooter (9 available)

The very popular PCX125’s slightly bigger brother. We didn’t think an additional 25cc would make much difference but when ridden back to back, especially in the hills, the 150 really gets away from the 125. Ideal for a 2 up trip further afield for those who like the ease and convenience of an automatic.

Honda SH150i Auto Scooter (2 available)

Honda’s latest fully automatic scooter comes in a chunkier size for the larger rider so is ideal for us Westerners. Beefy 16 inch tyres and a spacious comfy seat mean that this bike is ideal for those who don’t ride a manual bike but would still like to get out and explore places like the Mae Hong Son loop or the Golden Triangle areas.

Honda CRF250L (modified) Trail Bike (8 available)

Honda CRF250L – This bike is fully modified with all the extras to make a tougher and more off-roadworthy machine. Modifications Include – Renthal Bars, YSS suspension, Bash plate, Folding tip gear lever, Luggage rack, EBC clutch springs, Renthal sprockets geared down significantly from standard for a much snappier feel.

These bikes have been specially prepared by us from our knowledge and experience of actually using them in off-road conditions. If you rent from us you know you won’t be let down in the middle of nowhere by cheap standard parts.


More info here

Kawasaki Z250 Street Bike (1 available)


Similar to it’s brother the Ninja 250 but without the fairing. Aggressively styled with an upright riding position, this bike is equally at home in the city or out in the mountains. As it’s a smaller bike, we don’t recommend it for extended two-up touring but it’s great fun for the solo rider and it’s power comes in steadily making it suitable for those new to the sport or “out of practice”.


More info here

Kawasaki ER650n Street Bike (1 available)

The perfect bike for Thailand? Powerful 650cc engine, sharp handling, day long comfort. Unlike it’s faired brother, the ER6-f, this one’s for riders who love the feel of being in the wind — a particularly good thing if you mostly ride where the weather’s hot. All riders agree Kawasaki’s middleweight 650 is a great, fun-to-ride middleweight motorcycle What more could you want?


More info here

Triumph Bonneville T100 Street Bike (2 available)

Put your arse on some class!!!

This iconic Triumph Bonneville is our top of the line bike and guaranteed to make you feel special riding it. Whether you are an older, misty-eyed rider wanting to recapture past memories or a younger fella (or lady) wanting to see what the “retro” vibe is all about, this bike will leave you grinning from ear to ear!

The upright riding position, comfortable seat, easy handling and torquey 865cc classic parallel twin engine all combine to make this a great bike for that special day trip, or, fitted with side panniers, a longer trip of a few days or even weeks.

Due to the value of this bike, it’s only available to riders over 25 years old who have held a full motorcycle licence for a minimum of 3 years.


More info here



Honda CB500X Adventure Tourer (15 available)

Released in April 2013. This is Honda’s  mid-range answer to touring here in Northern Thailand. Let’s not hold back, together with the NC750X, we love this bike and we can safely say that they are the perfect bike for a multi-day trip around this beautiful area. Comfortable, easy handling and with a surprisingly “peppy” engine, they are a pleasure to ride. This is our default bike for guided tours, both for the leader and the customer and we fit either Pirelli MT60 or Scorpion Trail tyres so that enticing hilltribe trail you spot can be safely explored.


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