Honda CB300F Street Bike (8 available)

A new model from Honda for 2014, the little 300 is a delightful bike either in the city or out on the open road. It’s low seat height and “flat” bars inspire confidence and it’s torquey, responsive engine punches way above it’s weight. Light, easy handling and economical, it’s a great bike both for newer and experienced riders alike.


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Kawasaki Z250 Street Bike (1 available)


Similar to it’s brother the Ninja 250 but without the fairing. Aggressively styled with an upright riding position, this bike is equally at home in the city or out in the mountains. As it’s a smaller bike, we don’t recommend it for extended two-up touring but it’s great fun for the solo rider and it’s power comes in steadily making it suitable for those new to the sport or “out of practice”.


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Kawasaki ER650n Street Bike (1 available)

The perfect bike for Thailand? Powerful 650cc engine, sharp handling, day long comfort. Unlike it’s faired brother, the ER6-f, this one’s for riders who love the feel of being in the wind — a particularly good thing if you mostly ride where the weather’s hot. All riders agree Kawasaki’s middleweight 650 is a great, fun-to-ride middleweight motorcycle What more could you want?


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Triumph Bonneville T100 Street Bike (2 available)

Put your arse on some class!!!

This iconic Triumph Bonneville is our top of the line bike and guaranteed to make you feel special riding it. Whether you are an older, misty-eyed rider wanting to recapture past memories or a younger fella (or lady) wanting to see what the “retro” vibe is all about, this bike will leave you grinning from ear to ear!

The upright riding position, comfortable seat, easy handling and torquey 865cc classic parallel twin engine all combine to make this a great bike for that special day trip, or, fitted with side panniers, a longer trip of a few days or even weeks.

Due to the value of this bike, it’s only available to riders over 25 years old who have held a full motorcycle licence for a minimum of 3 years.


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