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10 Driving Tips in the Rain

24 mayo, 2021
10 Tips de Manejo en lluvia

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The rainy season has arrived in our country and with this we have many points to consider when riding on our machines and that is why I share these tips, thinking about how dangerous the roads get when they are wet.

For most, rain is expected: the heat takes off, people relax, it is movie time and we bikers have to be more careful when taking out the bike.

Jorge Chavez

10 Driving Tips in the Rain

Keep these details in mind and you will see that you will feel more secure on your motorcycle:

  1. Be careful with the first rains as they tend to be more slippery due to the oil residues on the ground.
  2. Do not go through puddles since you do not know how deep they are, they could cause you to fall.
  3. Lower your speed because with the rain low visibility, not only yours but that of others as well.
  4. Wear suitable equipment: raincoat or waterproof jacket, helmet with good visibility, gloves and boots.
  5. If the rain is very intense, find a place where you can cover yourself until it stops, remember that it is better late than never.
  6. Avoid stepping on traffic paint as it tends to be more slippery with water.
  7. Check the lights of your motorcycle, remember that it is important to make yourself see by others.
  8. Brake very carefully and try to use your rear brake more, since if your front wheel skids it will be very unlikely that you will save yourself from a very good hit.
  9. When you arrive at your destination dry, the important parts of your motorcycle that got wet: disk, controls, handlebars, etc.
  10. In this rainy storm, lubricate the chain of your motorcycle frequently, since lubrication is lost when it is constantly wet.

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