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10 things you should analyze before choosing a new helmet

24 mayo, 2021
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4-You don’t always need the most expensive …

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In light of the previous point, let us insist that a 150 euro helmet passes exactly the same crash tests as a 600 euro helmet. The difference is made by the material, the graphics, the greater or lesser ventilation, etc … But the higher price is not a proportional index of higher protection. That means that it is not always necessary to make an effort to arrive at a high-end helmet and that with a mid-range model that suits our needs we will be perfectly safe and comfortable.

5-If it is less “kilo and a half”, better …

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Both sports medicine specialists and driving professionals advise buying helmets that do not exceed 1,400 gr. In the first place, because, in the event of a fall, the heavier a helmet is, the greater the rotational forces it puts on the neck. And secondly, because weight always punishes comfort. This does not mean that heavier helmets are not effective, but this factor should be taken into account when deciding on a modular model, for example. In any case, the industry insists especially on the reduction of weight as a great sales argument.

6-The eternal question of ventilation …


Designing optimal ventilation implies having interior channels that evacuate heat and therefore “pierce” the inside of the helmet without losing resistance and without the set being too noisy. How to do it is hard engineering work it is usually precisely one of the factors that separate the most expensive helmets from the inexpensive ones. Both some and others, with a greater or lesser degree of sophistication, have some type of system that performs this function -even if they are two simple air intakes- but obviously it is not the same to think of a helmet for intensive use under the heat than in another for more sporadic use. Therefore, before deciding to buy, we must have clear priorities.

7-Comfort above all …

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It’s a shame but between the cool helmet that squeezes you a bit and the more nondescript one that fits you like a glove there is no color: you should always keep the comfortable one. That “squeezes me a little” will become torture after 50 kilometers and a helmet – we insist on it – is an element of comfort and safety. What else is cute, aggressive and exclusive? Well, much better !!! But the priority must always be, always comfort. Obviously there is only one way to ensure that it is correct: try it on. If it moves, falls on the eyes, leaves marks of any kind, prevents hearing clearly, or limits or alters vision, it must be disregarded immediately.

8-The inside of the helmet is also a helmet …

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As important as the exterior of the helmet is its interior; that the pads are easily removable and washable and that they are made with hypoallergenic fabric. Also, at present, the vast majority of mid-range and mid / high-end helmets already meet these requirements. Where there may be more differences – at the discretion of each manufacturer – is in the softness of the padding. It is a matter of taste of each one and there is no rule about it, other than that you must hold your cheekbones well. Be that as it may, a poorly maintained interior degrades and stains so it must always be kept clean and dry.

9-Double D or not Double D …

casco moto integral cierre doble d

Interestingly, for many years Double D closures were considered less secure than “click” or micrometric ones. Of course it was not like that since they pass some very tough traction tests to check the grip and in fact They are the ones used in competition thanks to their main advantage: simplicity, since they lack any type of mechanical seal or external coupling. On the other hand, they are somewhat slower in handling. On the contrary, the micrometers have an external closure and are faster to put on and take off, so they are usually preferred for more urban models.

10-The dark screen is called that for something …

visoresThe dark visor is very attractive, it is true. Makes even the most nondescript helmet more aggressive. As true as that when the light goes out it does not allow you to see anything and forces you to circulate with the visor open. In addition to the dark ones, there are several possibilities for colored visors on the market; the yellow ones “raise” the brightness, increase the contrast and increase the depth of focus, thus improving vision in dim light conditions but can be annoying when the outside light is already high. The best combination is still the transparent screen with sunglasses or dark screen retractable at will.

10-The right size …

tallas 0In 20% of serious motorcycle accidents, the helmet is thrown away because the size was not adequate. And there is even more: according to the manufacturers, 60% of customers do not choose the right size. Several practical factors must be taken into account when choosing our ideal size. If we drive with glasses, for example, we have to go to a larger size because of the lens rods. And you also have to take into account that the soft interior, over time, gives a little. In case of doubt, between loose or tight, choose a size that tightens slightly, thinking that, when it gives slightly, it will adjust to our liking.

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