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10 tricks to save gas on a motorcycle

24 mayo, 2021

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1. Control your consumption

To get started, it is important that you know how much gasoline you use and so you can tell the difference when you put these tricks into practice. Reset your motorcycle’s counter when filling the tank and your next visit to the gas station calculates how much fuel you have consumed in the distance you have traveled. Let’s say that to do 150 km you have filled with 7 liters of gasoline. Make a rule of three to know that in this example the consumption has been 4.6 liters per 100 km traveled.

2. Don’t give unnecessary accelerations

Many times we give mindless accelerations and in those moments the fuel consumption skyrockets. Use your throttle gradually whenever you can. Even accelerating to idle while standing still causes extra fuel consumption that is useless.

3. Use high gears

If you want to circulate at a specific speed, the longer the march less will be the engine revolutions to keep you at that speed. The lower the revolutions, the lower the gasoline consumption.

4. Take care of the air filter

Your motorcycle’s engine needs air to run. A dirty or damaged air filter will prevent proper air flow and the motorcycle will end up burning more gasoline than necessary. Keep the air filter always clean and in perfect condition.

Save gas on a motorcycle

5. Take care of tire pressures

It is essential to always keep the tire pressures properly adjusted. Low pressures make us more clumsy, reduce precision and compromise our stability. In addition, they cause greater friction with the asphalt and make us consume more gasoline to maintain the desired speed.

6. Take care of your motorcycle chain

It is essential that the chain of your motorcycle is at its optimum tension point and always well greased. A neglected, ungreased and poorly tensioned chain detracts from performance, leading to increased fuel consumption.

7. Take care of the aerodynamics, both yours and your motorcycle

In your case, an equipment that offers a lot of resistance to the wind, such as a wide jacket that flaps, will make us need more features to move forward, and therefore a greater consumption of gasoline.

The same happens with the bad aerodynamics of the motorcycle, a large screen will act as a brake just as it makes it circulate with side cases. Keep in mind that these elements will lead to higher fuel consumption.

8. Facilitates starting

When starting, and even more cold, do not use gas and actuate the clutch, so you will get the engine to rotate a little more freely and demand less fuel consumption.

Save gas on a motorcycle

9. Slow down by downshifting

Not only will it help you save brakes but also when decelerating or going down a hill, if you clutch or put neutral, to keep idling the engine continues to consume, while by retaining and not giving gas, the injection completely cuts the supply of gasoline and you save that consumption.

10. Take it easy in the city

When traveling on a motorcycle in the city, the stops and crossings are constant and it is useless to accelerate too much to get to the next traffic light sooner if, after all, you are going to have to stop anyway. The accelerations for being the first will only make you spend more and wait more at the next stop.

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