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11 advantages of scooters in the city

24 mayo, 2021
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2 Scooters are clean

They are clean and therefore they keep us clean. There are no chains to grease or stain us. What’s more, our feet are well protected from dirt from traffic or water. The entire front of the scooter protects our legs and feet so the effect of weather conditions is reduced.

3 Scooter maintenance is low

Scooters maintenance is simple and very basic. You can forget about greasing the chain as in motorcycles, its transmission is closed and your V-belt is maintenance freeit will only have to be replaced when the time comes. You will only have to worry about following the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding oil changes, brakes and variator elements. Otherwise your only concern will be to make sure you fill the gas tank every so often.

4 Scooters are light and agile

Except in the case of large high-displacement scooters, most they are easy to move vehicles, both while standing and running, and that do not require effort on our part. In addition, their good turning radius allows them to move with agility even when traffic becomes difficult and spaces are narrow. Here we give you some tips to take your motorcycle or scooter around the city.

5 Scooters are fast and efficient

Forget constantly changing gears to get from one traffic light to another. The automatic variators work great and that saves us time and comfort in our driving. Without a doubt, a scooter is the best tool to buy time from your day to day.

6 Scooters offer a large load capacity

Some more and others less, but if you need to take things with you, scooters also make it easy for you. Under your seat you have a space where you can carry and store different things, from a helmet or two to locks, bags or briefcases depending on the model. In addition, most of the time you can always take advantage of the foot platform as well. If your day to day includes, for example, carrying the bag to the gym or you have to keep the helmet inside, this is your vehicle.

Advantages of scooters in the city

7 Scooters are easy to park

Having to park a car in the city center is not comparable to having to park a scooter. They fit anywhere, there are parking areas reserved for them and according to the regulations of your city it is possible that you can also park on some sidewalks. With a scooter you will park at the door of your destination and, in addition, it will always be free. Here we give you some more information on how to legally park your motorcycle or scooter on the sidewalk.

8 Scooters are for all audiences

Most scooters are more accessible than other types of motorcycle, they are light and with a seat height within everyone’s reach, so they will not pose a problem for newcomers to the world of two wheels. The center of gravity is low, so they are also easy to move. In addition, with a few exceptions, urban scooters have a fairly controlled price. Another important factor is that they are preferred by all those who have a car license with more than three years of experience and want to take a 125 scooter or a 400 three-wheel scooter, or four-wheel scooter like the Quadro 4.

9. They are low polluting

In cities with such high levels of pollution as ours today scooters are a little help to the environment. In general, their engines are small and therefore their CO2 emissions are reduced, much more respectful than high-displacement propellants.

10 Scooters are perfect for any time of the year

There are those who, when winter arrives and temperatures drop, prefer to leave the motorcycle stored in the garage, but a scooter continues to offer you solutions even when the cold strikes the most. Its protective shield removes much of the inclement weather, a screen frees us from the wind and water and a thermal blanket is such an effective element against the cold that when you try it you cannot live without it again.

11 Scooters have low consumption

Scooters consume little fuel and that is something that our pocket will appreciate. Its small engines do not need much gasoline to offer more than enough performance to move around the city and the latest technologies are achieving really contained consumption.

And you? Do you think scooters have any other advantages? Leave us your comment!

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