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2018 Honda CB300R: the naked for everyone

25 mayo, 2021
honda cb300r 01

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The 2018 Honda CB300R engine

In short, these are the motor characteristics of the new Honda CB300R.

• Responsive 4-valve DOHC single-cylinder engine
• 23.1 kW (30 hp) at 8,500 rpm of maximum power / 27.5 Nm at 7,500 rpm of maximum torque
• Side outlet exhaust, suspended below
• 6-speed gearbox

We are talking about a single cylinder of 286cc, DOHC, 4-valve, liquid-cooled, the same one that his sister Honda CBR300R rides. Bore and stroke are fixed at 76mm and 63mm with a compression ratio of 10.7: 1.

In order to reduce maintenance costs the engine is designed with as few moving parts as possible. Details like low-friction piston rings, a high-density core radiator and an iridium spark plug help increase fuel efficiency.

Honda CB300R

The cycle part of the new Honda CB300R

In short, these are the characteristics of the cycle part of the new Honda CB300R.

• Lightweight frame combining pressed and tubular steel
• USD 41mm front fork and variable section steel swingarm
• 4-piston radial-mount front caliper and 296mm hubless floating front brake disc
• Full LED lighting and LCD instrumentation
• ABS with IMU base

Honda CB300R

The frame is made of tubular steel and pressed steel, the swingarm is made of steel plate with an irregular cross section. Both are designed to achieve high longitudinal stiffness and great torsional control of rear wheel deflections.

Ahead, a USD fork It contributes to the CB300R’s great handling, with soft and compliant settings. At the rear, the rear shock does the same with 5-position spring preload adjustment.

Enter the compact wheelbase of only 1,352 mm and a weight in running order of only 143 kg, the agility of the CB300R is guaranteed. In addition, a seat height of 799 mm makes it available to all types of public.

The brake system is handled by a 296mm front floating disc, without hub, which is bitten by a Nissin radial-mount 4-piston caliper. Behind a 220 disc has a single piston caliper.

Both brakes are modulated by a 2-channel ABS. This system works through an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) to provide a precise distribution of ABS actuation between the front and rear wheel.

Honda CB300R

The design of the new Honda CB300R 2018

Its design is especially minimalist to show the black mechanics of this new CB. Its trimmed rear and the cleanliness of its lines are striking.

A LCD screen acts as an instrument panel Fully featured, it displays speed, engine rpm, fuel level and gear shift position rationally, with warning lights arranged at the top.

Todlighting is LED and the lighthouse is divided in two, the upper part is dedicated to the low beam and the lower part for the high beam. The taillight, interestingly enough, is the slimmest ever fitted by a Honda motorcycle.

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