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2020 Honda SH 125i Scoopy: All-New

25 mayo, 2021
honda sh 125i scoopy 1

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Low consumption has been another of the points of attention of the new Scoopy 2020. Honda ensures that with the “idling stop” activated, 43.3 kilometers per liter can be made, almost two liters per 100 kilometers. The emissions of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrous oxide have also been drastically reduced, much less than those of the previous version with Euro 4 approval.

A Scoopy 125 with traction control

The Honda SH 125i engine also brings another important novelty, such as the standard traction control, an element that you will surely appreciate when you are going to start on a slippery surface, for example the white line of a street, and that will avoid good scares. An indicator will tell you that the traction control is working and the motorcycle will limit its power until it reaches the necessary grip.

2020 Honda SH 125i Scoopy Dashboard

Internally the engine uses materials to reduce internal friction of components and also the temperature. The start-stop system can be disconnected or connected through a switch that you will find on the right side of the handlebar.

On chassis The new Honda Scoopy 125 is also new in its 2020 version. The bike as a whole is somewhat lighter than the previous one, weighing 140 kilos. The 7-liter fuel tank is now located under the floor of the scooter, which favors that the weight is located lower and more stable, and that space has been gained for the gap under the seat, with 10 liters more capacity.

The Honda SH Scoopy 125 has brakes with ABS as standard instead of the CBS combined braking offered by the competition and has disc brakes on both wheels with 140mm elements. diameter.

2020 Honda SH 125i Scoopy price

Its price is € 3,800 for the version with normal Top Case and € 3,990 for the version with Smart Top Case with automatic opening. It will be available at brand dealers from mid-May.

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