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2021 Yamaha BW’s 125 Video: Off-Road Fun

23 mayo, 2021
Yamaha BWs 125 2021 video

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It has been more than 10 years since Yamaha announced the arrival of the first BW’s 125 to Europe, even though it was not part of their original plans.

Now, Yamaha Taiwan has already revealed the new BW’s 125 2021, a scooter that seems to be halfway between the image we had of that affordable scooter and the ADV 150 that they presented last year in Jakarta.

What is especially clear with the video of the new Yamaha BW’s 125 2021, is that its character has clearly mutated towards the off-road.

The pity is that, for now, it seems that this model is once again limited to the Asian market, because it would be a very interesting and fun alternative for those who have the A1 or the car license +3 years.

Although who knows, maybe it will happen again like 10 years ago and Yamaha ends up rectifying and selling this small off-road scooter also in Europe.

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