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23 mayo, 2021
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Are you motorcyclists? Do you usually see it on TV? Have you ever wondered how it is possible that we can appreciate such spectacular shots that at times make us feel that we are on the track? How is it that we can know at the right moment how fast the motorcycle that is in first place is running just after the last corner?


It is something we take for granted, but if we analyze it a bit we will have to go back in time, just ago 30 years which was the first time that it was transmitted from a motorcycle with a camera installed in Randy Mamola’s Honda, the trick consisted of separating the components of the camera and distributing them throughout the motorcycle, the consequence was that the fuel tank sacrificed two liters of its capacity since the complex apparatus was installed in a secret compartment that took up space from the tank, in addition to carrying an extra three kilos of weight. In that race to be held in Assen, the cathedral of motorcycling (At the Dutch Grand Prix), On June 29, 1985, it was only possible to see a track with rain thanks to the fact that it rained that day and the pilot was always in first place. It wasn’t a great show when it came to motorcycling, but it did mark a start. From there and with the use of technology, the first on-board camera was created by the F-1, it was possible to improve the system until it was possible to install increasingly advanced, lightweight and sophisticated equipment on the motorcycles, which did not influence the stability of the motorcycle.


Today we can enjoy the extraordinary shots at more than 250 kilometers per hour in 16: 9 format and with HD definition, without a doubt an incredible show, all thanks to the on-board cameras.

The story does not end there, Dorna Sports SL has developed the new gyro camera OnBoard which will broadcast for the first time live from Eni Motorrad Grand Prix from Germany, the aim is to offer a much more realistic perspective and from an angle more similar to that experienced by pilots, it will surely be spectacular to see the pilots reach more than 250 kilometers per hour and perform all their maneuvers. All isto after 30 years of evolution in on-board cameras.


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