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4 myths and truths that will help you avoid an accident

25 mayo, 2021
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When it comes to safety, no motorcycle rider should take risks, it is important to dispel myths that endanger your safety.

That’s why we present these 4 myths and their truths, which will help you avoid an accident.

MYTH: The noise of the exhaust pipe it is a good way to alert others.

TRUTH: Exhaust noise is often insufficient to attract the attention of other drivers. Statistics even show that motorcycles with noisy exhaust systems are more likely to crash. To attract attention more effectively, use bright shades for your clothing and your helmet.

MYTH: The helmet diminishes the visibility and hearing capacity. TRUTH: Although the helmet mainly covers part of the face and head, it also protects your eyes and ears from airborne particles and from the pressure of the wind that results from moving at high speed. This allows you to see and hear better than those without a helmet. Additionally, wearing a helmet is the number one way to avoid fatal injuries in an accident.


MYTH: Expert drivers have a lower risk of accidents.

TRUTH: Years of experience often give a motorcyclist a false sense of security. Remember that accidents do not always depend on your driving skills, but on unpredictable situations on the road. Even if you are an expert, don’t forget to drive defensively and within speed limits.

MYTH: One drink doesn’t hurt.

TRUTH: The consumption of alcohol is much more dangerous for motorcyclists than for drivers of other types of vehicles, since balance is essential for the correct operation of a motorcycle. If you drink (even just one beer), don’t drive.

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