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23 mayo, 2021
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In the world of leisure and entertainment, cinema is one of the great giants, on some previous occasion we have talked about the combination that the film and motorcycling industry makes to take advantage of the promotion and launch models to the market and we have also talked about movies starring motorcyclists. Undoubtedly, this strategy works very well and the subject goes a long way, but today we want to talk particularly about those motorcycles that almost became another character in great movies and that share fame and screen with the leading actors who pilot them and that is why we call 5 movie bikes.

1.- At full speed

We start with the famous Harley-Davidson that the great actor of our Mexican cinema pilots, Mr. Pedro Infante in that 1951 film that he starred with another great actor of Mexican cinema Luis Aguilar called A toda Máquina. Those who have not seen the film see it, it is culture of Mexican cinema.


two.-Ghost rider

This movie is a classic, based on a Marvel comics that lives up to all the chopper biker cliches. Without a doubt one of the motorcycles that everyone remembers.


3.-Batman The Dark Night

Batman is undoubtedly one of the favorites, we have to admit that we all looked perfect riding the Batpod, which is a modified version of a Yamaha motorcycle with a 786 liter V-4 engine. Batpod was featured in The Dark Night.

4.- Matrix Reloaded

Who dares to say that they have forgotten the high-speed scenes starring the Ducati 996 and Trinity in Matrix Reloaded?


And well, to finish with these 5 movie bikes and leave a good taste in your mouth, we finish this note with the famous light bikes that are the protagonists of Tron Legacy. This movie had a lot of good things, but without a doubt the bikes stole the screen.


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