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5-year warranty for SYM scooters

24 mayo, 2021

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Sym is represented in our market by the import company Bordoy motorcycles, one of the companies with the most experience in this field, and it is precisely theirs, and in particular their two owners, Albert and Jordi Bordoy, where the idea of ​​offering something that other brands has not yet dared starts from; add three years of warranty to the two required by law.

Thus, and since last July, Sym Spain sells its entire range of scooters over 50cc. with 5 years warranty. An exclusive initiative for our market, as no other European country enjoys this measure. In addition, this decision is added to other actions that are activated at certain times of the season, such as the first year’s gift insurance or free registration.

That Bordoy is committed to a three-year guarantee in addition to the two required by law is nothing more than a clear sign of the confidence it has in the product they distribute. And it is that this guarantee extension has not been outsourced to an external manager, as is customary to do. The three additional years of Sym are offered by Motos Bordoy and they cover exactly the same conditions as the first two years offered by the manufacturer, and that makes Sym the only scooter brand that puts a promotion of such proportions on the table.


These five-year warranty (or, failing that, 50,000 km for the air-cooled 125 and 70,000 km for the rest) represent a clear benefit for the user, but also for the brand. The conditions to maintain this promotion are that the scheduled maintenance is fulfilled in the centers of the official network, and that original material distributed by Sym España is used in said maintenance; a way to take care of your agents and subagents. By the way, the scooter will continue to enjoy the five-year warranty even if it is sold before it is fulfilled; yes, the change of ownership has to be communicated to Sym.

As if all this were not enough, to save, facilitate and guarantee revisions, Sym also implements a system that has been in the automotive world for some time. It’s about a scheduled maintenance kit that includes the spare parts necessary for the revision and that will have a fixed price that in some cases could mean a saving of up to 30% for the user compared to if the parts were purchased separately.

Other details

For all those who buy a Sym scooter, the dealer who carries out the sale will register them as a user in the customer area of ​​the website ( In this way, a file will be created in which the maintenance data carried out on the scooter will appear periodically, and which will be updated from the workshop itself, in addition to the user will receive detailed information on these actions via email. Also, and through this same channel, you can receive information about promotions, campaigns, …

Likewise, Sym Spain has taken the trouble to produce the user manual –one specific for each model– in a video, so that it is more comfortable and easy for the buyer to discover the basic operation and learn about all the gadgets in their new vehicle.

Finally, as a welcome, Sym will send to the buyer’s home a kit that includes a personalized warranty card with his name and the frame number of the scooter, warranty book, gift of pen and keychain and a “Safe Driving Sym” video course Y “First steps of driving your new Sym”.

Thus, and by way of conclusion, to say that with this measure, Sym España, through its importer Motos Bordoy, makes clear its confidence in the product it markets. Three more years of guarantee, and in a similar way to the two years offered by the manufacturer by law, it is a clear indication of the quality standard that Sym is demonstrating and an example of confidence on the part of Bordoy in the Taiwanese manufacturer. The duration of this promotion has not been announced, but we do know that when the price to pay for these three more years ends, it will be between 300 and 600 euros, depending on the model to choose.

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