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7 things to check on your motorcycle before starting a trip

24 mayo, 2021
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You know what on a motorcycle it is so important to see as to be seenso be sure to make yourself seen when you ride a motorbike. The lights are a very important safety system on a motorcycle, we are smaller and less visible, so everything we can do to make the rest of the drivers take us into account will always be little.

Check each of the lights on your motorcycle. Position, crossing, long, turn signals, rear position, rear brake … If one of them does not work, do not go on a trip without fixing it first. Also, if you carry a spare lamp with you, even one for the headlight and another for the rear light, better than better, so you can fix it on the fly, wherever it strikes you.

How are the tires

Motorcycle tire

This is something that you should also check out from time to time. The tires are the only thing that links us to the road, so our safety depends on its good condition. Directly.

Check that they do not show cracks or deformities, as well as that the rubber tread is sufficient to offer a good grip. Check that the air pressure is correct, that a low pressure will directly affect the handling of the motorcycle and the consumption of gasoline. Check the entire surface well for possible damage or hidden punctures that have not yet shown their face.

Calculate the number of kilometers you can still travel with them Will you have to change mid-trip? If so, you should still change them before leaving and recover these old ones later if they still have life left.

The brakes and their pads

Motorcycle brake

Before setting off and going on a trip, take a look at the brakes on your motorcycle. You haven’t looked at them for a long time? It’s time to bend over and check the state of wear of the pads, both front and rear. If you see that they need a change, it is better to do it now and not venture out on a trip like that. It can be a danger both for you and for the discs of the motorcycle.

Besides the pills also check the feel of the brakes. Check that both front and rear show good pressure, that they do not move idle, that the cases and the rear pedal do not show hesitation or bubbles and that everything is where it should be.

Liquids: oil, coolant, etc.

Motorcycle oil

No, we are not referring to the gasoline in the tank, the insurance that you do not forget, but to those other liquids that your motorcycle uses to ensure its proper functioning.

Start by check your engine oil level. Remember that you should always do it with the engine warm and consulting the motorcycle maintenance manual, although it is normal to do it with the motorcycle vertically, it may not always be the case. While you are, look for possible leaks or oil stains. Also, if you haven’t changed it for a long time, maybe this is a good time.

If your motorcycle is liquid cooled also check the coolant level, and since you are, take a look at the level of the brake fluid, front and rear, and the clutch lever if it is hydraulically operated.

The chain and the whole transmission kit

Motorcycle chain

If your motorcycle has a chain, you will know better than anyone that this is the element that requires the most maintenance of all your motorcycle. You will know that the chain requires periodic tensioning and greasing, that’s for sure.

Well, before starting a trip make sure you that the chain is in the state of tension recommended by the manufacturer and that its lubrication is correct. Also take a look at the pinion and crown, in case you need a replacement to the complete kit.

If your motorcycle has cardan or strap, it is recommended that you take a look at the maintenance book for your motorcycle to know the possible oil changes of the bevel gear or the useful life of the belt.

Battery life

Motorcycle battery

We wouldn’t risk going on a trip if the battery started to show signs of weakness, and you? If you have not used the motorcycle for a long time and You see that the battery has trouble moving the starter motor, and therefore start the motorcycle, it is possible that all it needs is for you to take a ride with it to recover its load.

But if even when you use it every day you see that the battery does not have enough power to start the motorcycle … Do not hesitate, the time has come to change it, and more if you are going on a trip.

Documentation and papers

Motorcycle papers

Have controlled and in order the motorcycle papers it is just as important as reviewing your own mechanical maintenance. Before embarking on a trip, check that you have all the documentation with you and in good condition. Circulation permit, technical sheet, ITV sticker, insurance in force and with coverage abroad if you are going to leave the country …

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