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A FAMOUS BIKER – Passion Biker

25 mayo, 2021
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Motorcycling is a passion that anyone can catch, including many famous movie stars who ended up turning the world of biker into a lifestyle.

Such is the case of the famous singer and rock legend Elvis Presley, who in addition to being a great and recognized singer, was also a fervent devotee and fan of the brand Harley davidson. Once Elvis tasted the feeling of freedom, which can only be felt when the wind hits you in the face, running down the road while piloting, in his case, a Harley Davidson, he could never put it down. So Elvis ended up becoming a biker, he also knew that being a biker meant belonging to a family of siblings by choice and it turned out that spending his free time riding with his friends was one of his favorite hobbies. Legends even say that Elvis had his gang with whom he organized illegal races near his home in Memphis and that they became known as the Memphis Mafia.

Today most of the motorcycles of the King of Rock and Roll They are housed in different museums, including the Harley Davidson museum.

We leave here a sample of some of the motorcycles that belonged to this famous and talented biker. Among this great collection is the Harley Davidson 1956 KH that Elvis ever bought in $ 903 and that is precisely in the Harley Davidson museum.


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