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a handcrafted motorcycle at a reasonable price

30 mayo, 2021
Ace of diamonds 1

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The Ariel ace of diamonds It is one more member of the very personal British naked that are handcrafted.

The different models of the Ariel Ace move for prices around € 35,000, and even the Ace R exceeds € 50,000.

Remember that the Ace are powered by the V4 engine of the Honda VFR1200 and that it yields 173 hp, with a torque that exceeds 13 kgm. The same cardan transmission from the Honda is also used.

The price of the Ariel Ace of Diamonds is € 22,955 (19,982 pounds), a figure that can be considered contained for a motorcycle of which they will build only 10 units, all of them including a numbered plate.

The keys to the lower price of this Ace is that some handcrafted parts are overlooked, such as the curious parallelogram fork (a telescopic inverted Showa is mounted) and a Nissin brake system, both from the same VFR1200.

Ace of diamonds 2

The seat is single-seater, there is a kit for the passenger. The instrumentation is by TFT screen and the lighting is ‘full led’.

Although, with its 12 l tank, it is not designed for long distances, with its 23.5º steering angle, its weight, not too high, of 230 kg, a seat height of only 745 mm and its 173 hp the Ariel Ace of Diamonds promises a joyful ride.

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