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A LIFESTYLE – Passion Biker

25 mayo, 2021
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It is truly inspiring to realize that there are characters in the world of motorcycling who truly choose their passion for motorcycles, travel and adventures as A lifestyle.

We do not know for sure what is stopping the rest of the world from us, but we know that obviously not everyone has the courage to live off their passion, because to live a life of constant adventure you have to take risks and accept to leave many comforts that the sedentary and daily lifestyle gives us. That is why we like to stand out when we meet a person who takes responsibility for living their dream and making it a reality.

Such is the case of Miguel Silvestre, a motorcyclist pilot with a lot of adventurous spirit who lives off his passion. Miguel Silvestre is the protagonist of a documentary-type series on Spanish television called “Diary of a Nomad”, is a very successful series that began in January 2015, where a motorcyclist narrates the adventures that he stars during his trips in various parts of the world. In his first season Miguel Silvestre takes us on a tour of all South America, continuing with a second season which he called “The last dance of war”, this time traveling around Mexico and the United States. The third season is flame «Operation Ararat » takes place at the eastern end of Asia Minor. This adventure is lived aboard an old woman BMW R 1200 remodeled, which Miguel baptized as “The fat woman”.

In itself, the experience itself is special, but in addition to that, the pilot – who is also a writer, since he has already written a book – is happy to combine his adventures through the places he travels with part of his history and culture.

As we said at the beginning of the note, these types of characters make us realize that living the life we ​​dream of if it is an option.


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