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a new Yamaha twin-cylinder turbo engine

23 mayo, 2021
yamaha turbo

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If we know that for years (since the ‘Recursion’ project) Suzuki has been researching in the field of turbocharged supercharged engines, and Kawasaki plans to delve into its volumetric compressor engines (which, at the moment, only mount the H2), some homologation sketches show that the Iwata brand is also working with turbo engines, as they have discovered in BikeSocial.

In this case, it is a MT-09 twin-cylinder turbocharged, which seems to be the block 3-cylinder with one cylinder removed, and not the twin cylinder of the MT-07. If this were the case, the engine would cubic 565cc, which with a turbocharger could yield 110-120 hp power, that is, a power similar to that of the current three-cylinder MT-09.

It could also be that in the end the MT-07 block is chosen, 689cc, because the last turbo engine that Suzuki presented was 700cc.

The question that comes to all of us is Why bundle with a new turbo engine, to have the same power that you already have now with the three-cylinder?

The answer is: to be able to exceed the Euro5 regulation, without giving up the power that we have now. At low speed, consumption and emissions would be much lower than with the current ‘tri’, and from mid-range upwards you would have all the necessary power and torque.

Two versions

In fact, and by the sketches, two versions are proposed: in the first design, the exhaust manifolds descend from the cylinder head, joining a single one that rotates the turbine, mounted in the lower front part of the engine.

yamaha turbo 3

In the second design (above), the turbo is mounted higher, just in front of the cylinder head. The collectors are very short and feed directly to the turbine. This design appears to allow a catalyst to mount to the front of the engine.

yamaha turbo 2

In both cases there is an ‘intercooler’, an intake air cooler, common in high-performance turbocharged engines, which cools the air before it enters the airbox.

yamaha turbo 1

As in many other cases, the fact that the design exists and the patent does not guarantee that it will be put into series production, but the existence of two versions shows that Yamaha is working on it. The adoption of turbocharged low-displacement engines has been common for years in the automotive world, where small 1,000cc or similar three-cylinder engines achieve 100 HP -or more- of power, with reduced consumption and emissions.

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