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A race of a Ferrari vs Bicycle

22 mayo, 2021
bici ferrari e

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Have you ever gone down the street on a bicycle and thought about a traffic light, the car next to me is in such bad shape that even I could go faster? well maybe, but if that car was a Ferrari 430 Scuderia?

Well, the French Francois Gissy is a former passenger bus driver, fanatic of speed who must have thought something similar, Francois has managed to reach 333 km / h on a bicycle. . . . . Yes, a bicycle, for this it uses propellants that require hydrogen peroxide, obviously it has done it on tracks designed for speed tests.

The bicycle has many modifications but they have not mentioned anything in particular other than the fuel mixture, it is worth mentioning that 333 km / h is a world bicycle record, but this is not his maximum aspiration, at this moment he has plans to reach 400 km h, is only waiting for a sponsor who allows it, about why a bicycle and not a motorcycle, he replied that perhaps when he is older he decides to move to the comfort of a motorcycle or a car but for now he prefers ride a bike”

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