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25 mayo, 2021
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Alicia Sornosa is an adventurous journalist full of stories to tell, many of them collected throughout her motorcycle trips around the world. This time he shares his route during a tour of India, in a Royal Enfield.

When Alicia says to share, she means it literally, because she leaves the invitation open to other adventurous and passionate motorcyclists who want to live the experience with her. Alicia documents these trips by narrating herself during the trip each of the details and peculiarities of the places she visits.

Alicia calls her project Alicia Sornosa 360º. It is a different concept that tries to maintain a very relaxed and free line. The proposal tries to make a trip that combines the taste for riding a motorcycle with the taste for knowing the culture and customs of the place, where it is so important. roll (always at a calm pace), such as visiting the country’s monuments, beaches and towns.

For the comfort of the companions, Alicia Sornosa 360º will be in charge of organizing the trip and the details that it implies, such as accommodation, meals and other activities.

We leave here a video showing a tour of India with Alicia Sornosa at the Royal Enfield.

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