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25 mayo, 2021
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Technological advances continue to present solutions that aim to improve the experience of motorcycle riders, the area of safety It is one where many efforts are invested and this is where the iC-R Concept, a helmet that breaks and exceeds the ranges of helmets already known as the Skully.

iC-R Concept It is a full face helmet that is in the concept stage, and is being developed by the company Intelligent Cranium Helmets, This smart helmet, among other things, aims to provide the pilot with data and information that happens around him, in addition to improving his active safety.

IC-R Concept Features

  • Double head-up display in full color with varied information.
  • Double rear view camera.
  • Range collision alert system.
  • Viewer with variable opacity.
  • Integrated Bluetooth and hands-free.

Almost taken from a futuristic movie scene, the pilot will have on the lower part of the visor a series of data, metrics and live images from the different cameras that are included in this smart helmet. Of course this connected to him smartphone, from where you can do all the previous configuration. The helmet acts as an independent GPS navigator and the visor adjusts to the conditions of the environment in which the wearer is, this thanks to the fact that the visor has “electronic ink” that adjusts its opacity in seconds.

The iC-R Concept helmet features a laser sensor system LIDAR (a system similar to that used in autonomous cars), which detect the environment and are capable of identifying the speed and distance of objects and vehicles, warning the driver by means of internal LEDs.

In the connectivity section, it is equipped with Bluetooth, which can be used to connect to the smartphone and share locations, communicate with other helmets and configure everything from its own app. The autonomy of the helmet is about 8 hours.

As if that were not enough, Intelligent Cranium Helmets is working with a company specialized in solar panels, trying to find sustainability alternatives that support all this technology without introducing batteries that trigger the price and weight of the helmet. However, even so, the cost is far from being economic, since the pre-purchase option already amounts to 1,400 dollars.

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