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25 mayo, 2021
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Continuing with the theme of gps navigators and the technology There are a couple of accessories that exist in the market and that although they are not essential for traveling, if they make things much easier or at least they seem to us to be a great contribution that technology has created for the market of motorcycle travelers.

If you finally decided to enter the dynamics of this modern world, but you do not want to go so fast and you think that you smartphone covers, for now, with the geolocation needs that you may have, it is important that you look for good support to keep your mobile fixed to the handlebar or the fairing while you are driving. There are all kinds, however there are some basic but important aspects that we consider should be taken into account, for example the climatic aspect, not all of them are waterproof, so if you are going to buy one it is important that you consider the possibilities of rain on your trips , because if it rains you will have to keep it in your backpack and I don’t think it will be of much help in there.


Something else to take into account is that most screens work thanks to their ability to detect the electrostatic capabilities of your skin, that is, the contact of your skin with the screen, which you lose when you wear gloves, and wear them. The gloves when you drive a motorcycle is to wear an element of protective equipment essential for your safety. To solve this problem there are accessories like the ones that the brand Dainese has in its catalog. These are gloves that, among other features, incorporate Dainese Smart Touch technology, which allows the use of touch screens such as those of smartphone or GPS without removing your glove.


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