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Accident is caused by motorcyclist. Cycling competition

25 mayo, 2021

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The finals of the cycling race known as Hook Crit, in Brooklyn, New York, carried out on Saturday, April 30, were affected by a mass accident just at the start of the race, caused by a motorcyclist that it was stopped in the middle of the road (The reasons are unknown).

This bike race is part of a series that also includes competitions in London, Milan, and Barcelona, ​​and there have been a number of accidents and injuries this season.

Here you can see the video of the accident:

So this happened at the bicycle race in Brooklyn tonight when the motorpace motorcycle stalled…

– Aaron Stewart-Ahn (@somebadideas) May 1, 2016

According to Metro, Saturday’s five-kilometer race was won by Spanish cyclicst Colin Strickland.

Unfortunately, this accident left 17 cyclists injured, in addition to preventing several from continuing with the competition.

This is another angle of the video of the motorcyclist involved in the accident:


Via: The Big Lead

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