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24 mayo, 2021
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That we have pollution problems and that every day the planet suffers the consequences of our actions is not a new issue, we all know that, but as they say around there; It is not only about looking for problems, but also about contributing or supporting initiatives that solve them. That is why we believe that despite how unpopular or commercial electric motorcycles may be, they are really a very good option to consider, as motorcyclists and members of an environmentally conscious society.


In addition to how much it contributes as a solution to the pollution problem, an electric motorcycle has many other advantages.

Advantages of an electric motorcycle:
  • Of course the main advantage of electric motorcycles is that it does not pollute.
  • Because do not emit carbon dioxide gases into the atmosphere, can be considered as the most ecological on the market.
  • Not only do they not emit harmful gases, they also do not emit any kind of noise.
  • They do not need fuel to function, which translates into saving money.
  • Not to mention that it is also possible reduce carbon footprint considerably.
  • The insurance policies considerably cheaper due to the speed limit that an electric motorcycle drives.
  • In some places electric motorcycles do not pay taxes or have a significant difference compared to fuel.
  • They present less risk of breakdown and since they do not use air filters, coolants or oil filters, having them in good condition is cheaper.
  • The you can charge at home which makes them incredibly comfortable, since you only need a plug to charge the battery. Some even have removable batteries.

If you are part of the ecosystem of a big city, where excess vehicles and pollution are an obstacle that you have to overcome on a daily basis, you will realize that the advantages of an electric motorcycle are really very valuable.


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