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All the information on how to request the help of the Plan Renove 2020

24 mayo, 2021
Pedir Ayudas Plan Renove2020 Motos

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Now that we know that yes, that with the motorcycles we can also enjoy the aid of the Government for the purchase of new vehicles, it is time to reel everything we need to know to request the help of the Plan Renove 2020.

In addition, we explain who can take advantage of this initiative, as well as which vehicles are likely to receive the aid and other questions. Go for it!

If you want much more specific information, you can consult the Royal Decree-Law 25/2020, of July 3, published in the BOE on July 6.

Who can benefit from the aid?

The Plan Renove 2020 is thinking both for individuals and freelancers or companies, the aid received in each case being different. Later you will find the table that specifies the specific economic contribution for each one.

In the case of natural persons and self-employed professionals, a limit of one vehicle per beneficiary is established.

In the case of private entities with legal personality, it establishes a maximum of up to thirty vehicles.

What motorcycles can take advantage of the Renove Plan?

RD 25/2020 stipulates that the “L3, L4, L5 and L3e, L4e and L5e motorcycles: Vehicles with two wheels, or with three wheels symmetrical or asymmetrical with respect to the longitudinal median axis of the vehicle, with a design speed greater than 45 km / h ”.

That is, all 2 or 3 wheel motorcycles, excluding mopeds.

Regarding the electric motorcycles new (categories L3e, L4e and L5e), in order to apply for the aid they must respect the following characteristics: have lithium batteries, electric motor with a motor power equal to or greater than 3 kW, and one minimum autonomy of 70 km.

In the case of gasoline motorcycles, its maximum sale price cannot exceed 8,000 euros. For the electric motorcycles this value goes up to 10,000 euros.

Barcelona Motorcycle Demonstration 2018

Photo: kyqsobreruedas

Financial aid from the Renove Plan for motorcycles

The same Royal Decree also sets the exact aid according to each case.

ayuda renove 2020 motos

In the case of motorcycles, there is no extra aid for reduced mobility, minimum income or for scrapping of a vehicle over 20 years old. This additional aid is limited to vehicles of category M1 or N1.

Application for the aid of the Plan Renove 2020

The application process is very simple for the client, since usually handled by the dealer and the client does not have to do anything. Even so, it does not hurt to know that an online application process is carried out.

They also warn that, in case of exhausting the budget, they will continue accepting applications in the corresponding computer application. These requests will become part of a waiting list and that they will be attended by rigorous order of presentation if there is any cancellation.

It is also important to bear in mind that the BOE announces that the “documentation must be kept for at least four years as of the date of resolution of the concession and as long as the right of the Administration to demand reimbursement as provided in article 39 of Law 38/2003, of November 17, General Subsidies does not prescribe ”.

Finally, to apply for the aid, you must submit the following documents:

Photocopy of the Technical Sheet (ITV Card) of the purchased Vehicle.

Photocopy of Circulation Permit of the purchased vehicle issued by the General Directorate of Traffic.

Photocopy of the vehicle bill of sale (reflecting the discount in the price), with a date equal to or after June 15, 2020. Self-invoices will not be admissible.

Documents proof of payment of the invoice sale of the vehicle. The supporting documents that allow the following information to be seen will be accepted: Beneficiary (final recipient of the aid), third party (who receives the amounts paid), date of payment, vehicle.

Other doubts

BMW electrica 4

The BOE specifies that “the beneficiary of the aid must maintain the ownership of the vehicle and its registration in Spain for at least two years from the moment the subsidy is granted.” That is We will not be able to sell the motorcycle until after two years.

In the case of motorcycles, no need to scrap any vehicle to access help.

You can also be a beneficiary of help with the purchase of a vehicle kilometer 0, provided that it has been registered in 2020.

In case anyone had asked him, the Plan Renove 2020 and Plan Moves II are not cumulative. That is, if you opt for the purchase of an electric motorcycle, you will only be able to obtain one of the 2 grants. That, in the case of the motorcycles eligible to receive the aid, they are the same in the two plans.

Financial aid from the Moves II Plan

Helps Moves II Motorcycles

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