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All the three-wheel scooters on the market, between the motorcycle and the car

23 mayo, 2021

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The three-wheeled scooters in our market cThey began timidly, with a daring Piaggio as a forward in a field until 15 years ago still unexplored and now they are already one more vehicle in the usual urban traffic. Halfway between the advantages of a scooter and some of the qualities of the car, the three wheels have conquered a personal space and the pioneering brands are joining them more and more, convinced of this formula.

Its appeal is undeniable, especially for those who are tired of dealing with impossible traffic they watched with envious eyes as the two-wheelers dodge with insulting agility the traps of the daily traffic jam. In the same way, there are not a few who were considering a lighter medium but they show certain reluctance when it comes to maintaining balance on only two wheels, especially to roll on broken, humid or low-confidence pavements.

The three-wheeled scooters were a before and after to all those wishes and doubts. Its structure took some of the advantages of the automobile, better stability on three points of contact with the asphalt, greater comfort and a plus of safety when braking thanks to its greater potential. From the two wheels it adopted its reduced volume, its agility and maneuverability and its relative ease of parking, the door-to-door classic.

Piaggio was the first who dared to raise this little revolution of the three wheels and then Peugeot and Yamaha followed with very different styles but always looking for the same goal. Later Qooder joined with its own three-wheeled version which was followed by what is still to this day a unique example, the 4-wheel Qooder; a scooter that follows the same theory but goes one step further and adds a rear axle that also has two wheels. And now, Kymco is also pointing in the same direction with its announced CV3, which will be the most powerful of the entire offer once it is marketed.

As soon as we pay attention we will see that although the offer is similar in approach, each of the brands is committed to a final solution with a very marked personality and obvious differences in philosophy.

While Piaggio offers a highly diversified product in displacement and finishesIt is probably the most classic brand, it was the first to arrive and it shows in its designs that have not varied too much from the beginning. Peugeot bet on a more refined and luxurious style and image, following the design trail of its 4-wheelers, while Yamaha aimed straight at lighter vehicles with a sporty twist. Qooder looked for a more versatile image from the beginning, with a more off-road approach, with bulky designs that could move on asphalt and dirt and finally Kymco has shown its intentions with a triscooter that takes elements from its maxi AK 550 and despite his sporty style he does not renounce his I use as a crossover.

In the end, these types of vehicles are scooters of a more or less conventional concept. that escape the norm due to the adoption of double front trains based on similar solutions but customized by the brands and adapted to their particular way of understanding this new segment.

These systems They increase the stability of the set and its front aplomb, although they slightly reduce its agility and slow down turns or changes of support, but in general there are more advantages than disadvantages.

In addition to being more voluminous, they protect the driver better, the ergonomics are much better resolved and the seats are wide, soft and have lumbar backrests in almost all cases. And in terms of their load capacity it is usually quite good while they have the latest safety technology, ABS, traction control …

Functional and practical as well as safe and luxuriously equipped, It is not surprising that thanks to all these arguments, many motorists consider the change to three-wheeled scooters.

Three better than two and so much better than four!

3 wheel scooters

The first step in Piaggio’s MP3 range features the articulated quadrilateral suspension system that inaugurated the category and employs the most modest mechanics in the family. It also enjoys the freshest and sportiest image of the series with front and rear led lighting, a generous hood with courtesy light, handbrake and system lock that allows parking without the need to extend the center stand. In addition, the Sport version has the Piaggio Mia multimedia platform as standard to connect to the smartphone. Of course, it has brakes equipped with ABS and ASR traction control that provide total control of the vehicle in all circumstances.

Motor: Single cylinder 278cc, 4T LC, 4 valves

Power: 25.8 CV

Brakes: Double disc 258 mm front / disc 240 mm rear

Wheels: 110 / 70-13 “front and 140 / 70-14” rear

Weight: Nd

Price: From 6,799 euros

3 wheel scooters

This medium version seeks to offer the performance of a 400cc model combined with the lightness and compactness of a 300cc. That is why it has optimized its mechanics that comes from the Beverly 350 and has a multi-disc clutch in an oil bath. To this must be added an evolution in its aesthetic section that introduces some changes such as a new windshield, the newly minted front grille or the incorporation of hand protectors.

Obviously it maintains all the safety advantages of its predecessor, ABS, ASR, LED lighting and daytime running lights … but with its own style. This MP3 is the middle ground of the Piaggio family offering that difficult balance between performance and practicality.

Motor: 330cc single cylinder, 4T LC, 4 valves

Power: 30.6 hp

Brakes: Double disc 258 mm front / disc 240 mm rear

Wheels: 110 / 70-13 “front and 140 / 70-14” rear

Weight: 256 Kg

Price: From 7,899 euros

3 wheel scooters

The most powerful version of the Italian three-wheeler is postulated as the maximum exponent of this segment thanks to a sophisticated mechanics of about 45 hp that adds interesting details to its equipment such as a ride by wire accelerator system and that even in its most luxurious configuration, The Sport Advanced has a reverse gear to facilitate maneuvering in confined or complicated spaces.

There is also an instrument panel and the possibility of connecting to the Piaggio Mia digital platform that offers great connectivity and the possibility of monitoring the functions of the MP3. It goes without saying that it has all the safety and comfort elements common to the rest of the models in the range and some distinctive details such as the Kayaba triple shock absorbers, finished in an eye-catching red color.

Motor: Single cylinder 493cc, 4T LC, 4 valves

Power: 44.2 hp

Brakes: Double disc 258 mm front / disc 240 mm rear

Wheels: 110 / 70-13 “front and 140 / 70-14” rear

Weight: 275 Kg

Price: From 8,699 euros

3 wheel scooters

This model gave birth to the front end system of the Japanese brand, the Leaning Multi Wheel (LMW), a set of parallelograms and telescopic forks that copy the terrain while allowing the front wheels to tilt. A perfect urbanite that, due to its small size and light weight, offers great stability and maneuverability thanks to its combination of 14 ”front and 13” rear wheels.

The braking system has combined ABS for greater safety and the impulse of its four-stroke Blue Core mechanics ensures a lively thrust and contained consumption. The practical side is guaranteed with a comfortable driving position, a flat platform and a hole under the seat to house a full face helmet and something else.

Motor: 125cc single cylinder, 4T LC, 4 valves

Power: 12.2 hp

Brakes: Double front 220 mm disc / 230 mm rear disc

Wheels: 90 / 80-14 “front and 130 / 70-13” rear

Weight: 164 Kg

Price: 3,999 euros

3 wheel scooters

The natural evolution of the Tricity 123 reaches 300 cc and already provides a more than remarkable 28 CV that ensure serious performance. In this way, the radius of action of the Yamaha model is extended and its routes are extended beyond the urban area. It has a tilt lock system that allows the scooter to stay upright when stopped and under its seat and opens a generous compartment that can hold a pair of full-face helmets.

As a good example of a higher level, it has a smart key as well as a large LCD screen and obviously combined ABS brakes and traction control to ensure the play.

A model with contained dimensions and enough power to stand up to opponents with a larger displacement.

Motor: Single cylinder 292cc, 4T LC, 4 valves

Power: 28 hp

Brakes: Dual disc 267 mm front / disc 267 mm rear

Wheels: 120 / 70-14 “front and 140 / 70-14” rear

Weight: 239 Kg

Price: 8,099 euros

3 wheel scooter

Peugeot followed Piaggio on his dual front axle adventure with his own recipe, the DTW (Dual Tilting Wheels) system, a deformed parallelogram structure that includes two inertial dampers (to absorb vibrations) and a single hydraulic shock absorber to fulfill the functions. suspension. Now, the latest generation of the Metropolis is presented in two versions and the Active is the simplest but not the least interesting for that. With a modern design and a high quality of finishes, it has a Power Motion mechanism of almost 36 HP, ABS braking, traction control and details such as the smart key, adjustable windshield and backrests, gap under the seat and rear trunk, daytime running lights. and full led equipment. A great luxury.

Motor: Single cylinder 399cc, 4T LC, 4 valves

Power: 35.6 CV

Brakes: Double disc 230 mm front / disc 240 mm rear

Wheels: 110 / 70-13 “front and 140 / 70-14” rear

Weight: 280 Kg

Price: 8,895 euros

3 wheel scooter

The French brand raises the bet offered by the Metropolis Active and with the Allure version aims to achieve exquisiteness. In addition to all the equipment and features displayed on its younger brother, the Allure has the interior of the hoods upholstered and shows a USB connection inside, instead of the lighter type of the Active.

On the other hand, it presents chrome handlebar ends, wheels finished in glossy black and an instrument panel with i-Connect that allows connection to the smartphone and has a GPS navigation function (under subscription). A final touch is provided by a pair of higher quality mirrors. In short, a premium style three-wheeler.

Motor: Single cylinder 399cc, 4T LC, 4 valves

Power: 35.6 CV

Brakes: Double disc 230 mm front / disc 240 mm rear

Wheels: 110 / 70-13 “front and 140 / 70-14” …

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