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Alpinestars Tech-Air: Motorcycle Airbag

25 mayo, 2021
alpinestars air tech

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Alpinestars with Tech-Air has taken a step further in motorcycle safety systems that include airbag technology. An outer vest with a small hump carries all the necessary technology so that, in the event of an accident, we protect the entire upper part of our body with an air bag that will receive all the impact.

The Tech-Air is completely independent of the equipment we carry and is suitable for all types of motorcycles, for example road or scooter, and for rider and passenger. It is very easy to use, we will only have to put on the vest to be protected especially in the areas of maximum impact such as shoulders, kidneys, ribs or the back.

Alpinestars began investigating these types of safety systems in 2001 with crash tests. As of 2003, it reached an agreement with the MotoGP World Championship to introduce this type of technology among riders, with the aim of receiving the maximum information in real cases of impact and forces that influence when a rider suffers a fall on the circuit. From there we got to the airbag incorporated in the leather suits, first with protection on the shoulders, and then with protection in the rest of the areas of the upper body.

The next step for motorcycle airbags was to make them completely independent of the sensors built into the motorcycle. Thus, in 2014, the first equipment that had all its sensors inside was launched, without the rider having to be connected in any way with his motorcycle and without having to install any equipment on it. This is how we arrived at the new Alpinestars Air-Tech designed so that rider and passenger can enjoy this great step in motorcycle safety, the same as if we travel by road or on tracks or off-road routes.

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