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Ángel Nieto, a movie life brought to the screens

30 mayo, 2021
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The exciting life of multi-time Spanish champion Ángel Nieto will be brought to the screens. The action will focus on Nieto’s early years, from his time as a mechanic in Zamora to his successes in the Motorcycle World Championship.

The life of the Spanish pilot was quite an adventure, especially his early years, such as when he decided to travel to Barcelona on his moped from his native Zamora, grabbing onto the box of the trucks to achieve greater speed on the climbs. The film will focus especially on those difficult and adventurous years of Nieto until the achievement of his last title, in 1984.

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His children, Gelete and Pablo, are very excited about this film, as the eldest of the Nieto explains:

“The new generations do not know well who my father was, so our idea is to start from when I was a child. We would finish – although it is not completely decided – when he won his last world title ”.

“It is a very ambitious project and we want to do it well, something that is at its height as an athlete and as a human being”, Gelete account in an ABC interview.

Nieto will be played on the screen by Juan José Ballesta, a well-known actor who starred in ‘El bola’, while still a child. The boy’s grandson would be played by Ballesta’s own son.

Juan Jose Ballesta

“It is an honor to be able to play the champion. I’m very hopeful”, said the actor.

The film will be co-produced by TVE and Programa y Televisión SL, and its producer will be Juan Alexander (‘Ana y los 7’).

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