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25 mayo, 2021
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Since we are talking about movies and the Indian motorcycle brand, we remember that it is not the first time that both coincide.

They have already had several stories together, such as a movie that obviously no longer belongs on the current billboard, but that if you are passionate about motorcycles, you like movies and you are also a fan of this brand, they have to see. It is a film that speaks of an extremely transcendent character in the world of motorcycling. We refer to The fastest Indian in the world “The True Story of Burt Munro”.


It is a film that gives testimony about the life of Herbert James Munro, who was known in the motorcycling world as Burt munro, the role is very well represented by the Oscar-winning British actor Anthony Hopkins. It is a movie that was filmed in 2005.

The film tells the story of Burt Munro, a 67-year-old grandfather from New Zealand, owner of a 1920 Indian, a true fan of speed. He is a lonely man who ironically lived in a very familiar, middle-class neighborhood. He really loved his bike and spent a lot of his life modifying it, even with components that he created himself.

The film recounts what happened in the period in which it was decided to make his dream a reality, as Munro had set out to establish a world speed mark for 850 cc motorcycles. In real life it was a Indian Scout 1920 with which Burt Munro managed to break the 1967 speed record in the salt lake of Bonneville, USA.

Burt Munro was obviously a very peculiar type, so various aspects of his personality could be difficult to understand at times, this led him to be involved in unpleasant situations with his neighbors, and it is from this and the way in which he frame the history of motorcycling, what this movie is about.

We do not continue telling more because it is well worth seeing, if you are a true fan and nostalgic for history you will love it.

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