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25 mayo, 2021
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Let’s get a bit in cinematic mood and talk about a classic science fiction cinema, where of course, a motorcycle of the most famous intervenes as an essential part of the script precisely for appearing in this film, we refer to the BMW R75 War from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, a whole famous motorcycle from the movies.

On previous occasions we have talked about famous motorcycles like the Yamaha 786 from The Dark Night and the famous Light Motorcycles protagonists of Tron Legacy. Why don’t we talk about the BMW R75 Indiana Jones War and The Last Crusade? Another movie bike.

This science fiction movie was directed by the already well recognized Steven Spielberg and premiered in 1989, it was produced by Robert Watts, George Lucas Y Frank marshall.

The motorcycle that appears and accompanies Harrison Ford during almost all of his adventures in the film, is a motorcycle BMW R75 War with sidecar. This war motorcycle was produced by the German brand BMW during the Second World War, It could be found painted in a sand color for the desert or a dark green color for the Wehrmacht and had a huge, menacing machine gun installed in the sidecar.

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