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23 mayo, 2021
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We are in a time when unfortunately it is no longer safe to leave your motorcycle without any safety measures on the street, now it is really necessary to take all possible precautions and also pray our Father and give our beloved motorcycle a blessing by leaving it parked anywhere. Unfortunate, very unfortunate, but very true.

Some initial advice could be that you not only use one anti-theft device, you can use two or more, the safer the better. It is also a good idea to fix the motorcycle to a post, fence or anything that is attached and is impossible to carry with everything and the motorcycle, but I will make sure that the ground is far away, because if it is stuck to the ground you will facilitate the task of breaking it. Very important please, remember to remove the equipment before starting the motorcycle, I have heard of cases that forget that they have an anti-theft device on and well… you can imagine what happens.

We advise you to get some type of anti-theft equipment for motorcycles. There are several on the market and here we leave you some of them as options, and you will choose the one that convinces you the most.


The forks are like a padlock in the shape of a «u» and are to block one of the wheels. If it is from the front, it is a matter of joining both bars of the fork and a stick of the motorcycle rim, thus leaving it blocked or, behind, joining the rim to a swingarm arm or a shock absorber, it depends on the type of motorcycle.



The cables are very practical because they are so easy to transport although not the safest, they are advisable for quick stops where we do not leave enough time for the opportunist to correct it.



Articulated locks are an evolution of cable locks since it is actually a cable protected by articulated metal bushings. Thanks to the fact that they are covered by a plastic layer and a closure directly attached to the metal bushings, they are more difficult to cut.


Handlebar Articulated

The handlebar articulations is a variant of the articulated ones that are used for almost any type of scooter.

This type of anti-theft device does not prevent the motorcycle from moving, but rather fixes the steering, preventing the scooter from moving in a straight line. While driving, the anti-theft device is folded around the lower front part of the seat and when parking it is fixed to the end of the handlebar.



The flexibility of the chains makes it very practical since they adapt to any part of the motorcycle, it is one of the most used resources. However, due to the material they are made of, they are very heavy (cemented steel), but at the same time that makes them not easy to chop.


Disc lock

The disc locks are very common since they take up little space, are light and are easy to transport on the motorcycle. Its mission is to bite the brake disc of the motorcycle, the front or the rear, and thus prevent its rotation, immobilizing the motorcycle. In addition, depending on the model, they can also be used to close chains.


Burglar with alarm

It’s the latest in anti-theft, so you don’t find them everywhere, but there are. They are disc or fork-like, but equipped with loud audible alarms. Thieves do not like the indiscretion that the loud sound of this device causes, so I consider them highly recommended.


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