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Anti-theft locks for Moto Luma

24 mayo, 2021
antirrobo luma moto candado disco 1

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Motorcycle lock Luma Solido D1016

The Luma Solido D1016 motorcycle lock offers much more protection than the 92D or 91D. This disc lock offers much more protection against attack with a hardened steel construction. It has a 16 mm locking pin with an anti-cut rotating system (as it is not fixed if pressure is applied with a saw, it rotates and prevents the action of the tool). The lock has 10 discs and has a solid steel frame.

The Luma Solindo D1016 is approved by SRA, which is an independent European body for homologation of anti-theft devices. The key is reversible for ease of use and you can fix it to the bike with an exclusive bracket.

The price of the Luma Solido D1016 lock it is 49.90 euros and the support costs an additional 9.90 euros.

All Luma locks have a two-year warranty and key copy service for all their motorcycle locks.

In this report we give you some tips so that your motorcycle is not stolen.

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