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Argon Transform Smart Helmet Kit: Smarthelmet for Everyone

25 mayo, 2021
kit casco inteligente

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It has been almost a week since the celebration of the CES Las Vegas, and we are still getting news presented in the technology room.

The last, the Argon Transform proposal, an Asian company that presented a kit that allows you to turn your helmet into a smart helmet, basing its operation on Augmented Reality.

The company focuses its work on Augmented Reality products, based on Artificial Intelligence. And they do it, according to them, with the goal of becoming leaders in “Road Safety Intelligence” with innovative products.

Taking into account that one of the most fragile users of the road with motorcyclists, they have decided to start with the two-wheel sector.

smart helmet kit_2

The Argon Transform smart helmet kit It consists of two pieces, a Augmented reality HUD that you must place in a visible place on the front, and a Dashcam rear view.

Among its functions, in addition to allowing you to see the basic information such as speed or revolutions, provides indications of navigation, reproduction of music or receipt of calls, among many other options.

However, the main advantage of this Argon Transform smart helmet kit is that could be installed on any helmet. This would allow you to have a smarthelmet whatever helmet you have.

If you want one, you can already make your pre-book for $ 149 (about 130 euros). Also, those who make it will soon get the smart helmet kit for $ 785 (less than 700 euros). They estimate that the first deliveries will be made from August 30, 2019.

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