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Ashley Fiolek, example of overcoming

24 mayo, 2021

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She read in an interview in which she stated that she By not relying on the sound of his motorcycle, he paid attention to vibrations. Her father had a lot to do with making her understand when she should change, when the bike is under laps or over speed. All thanks to the vibrations of the bike. He also educated her to be very fine in the lines because by not feeling if someone was coming too close from behind, it could collide. And he also learned to see the shadows of the other drivers in the race. So his father must have done very well because he was champion of the American WMX motocross championship for 4 years.

Ashley has been a pioneer, as she also She was a member of the all-powerful Honda Red Bull team – being the first woman to belong to a professional team – and was even on the cover of the prestigious Transworld Motocross magazine. Then she decided to retire and participate in other tests that will not force her to spend so much time away from home, such as the X-Games where she has been a double gold medalist.

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Today Ashley is Husqvarna ambassador and runs a driving school where she teaches other riders her technique and preparation in the best circuits in the country. He is an example for many young and not so young pilots.

These stories remove consciences and taboos, since in the end the limitations are held by everyone in their head. Ashley says that she has never complained about being deaf, she gasps and enjoys every jump, every cant because it’s what she loves in life.

I hope that if you are reading this article, his example can inspire you …


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