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AvandaRocks Hard Enduro | Moto1Pro

25 mayo, 2021
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Last Saturday, March 21, the first hard enduro race in Mexico was held in Colorines. Chucho Zavala, together with Peter Weiss, organized this unique race in the history of Mexican enduro. Peter brought his experience designing tracks for races like Romaniacs. The track consisted of 18 total kilometers. The beginning was around 9 kilometers of ascent, passing through places such as the elephant buttock, the devil’s backbone, Ramon’s back and the descent of Sam, already well-known by the enduring people of the Valle de Bravo area. The race presented a great challenge for the drivers who signed up to compete. From the first round it was noticed that some struggled to continue. Of the 70 drivers who started the race, only half managed to finish.

Shortly after the start of the race, Didier’s advantage over the other drivers became apparent. By the second round, he was around 20 minutes ahead of second place. On the third lap the lead was approximately 15 minutes. We spoke with Didier at the end of the race and he told us his impression of the race. “I started to see blur from the effort, my maximum heart rate during the race was around 198.” When the night lap arrived, all the riders in the gold category lined up to start. Unlike the previous laps, the night lap started with a ride on the motocross track that was the end of the track. From there they left in the direction of the colorful climb to cover the rest of the track and again finish on the motocross track. On this lap, Didier again gained a significant lead over the other riders, crossing the line 24 clear of Mike Skinner (KTM), who finished second on this lap.



Didier Goirand 1st

Wilson Bad 2nd

Anuar Barcenas 3rd


Jose Antonio García 1st

Charles Goirand 2nd

Alan Chew 3rd


Sam Colorines 1st

Adrien Tryoen 2nd

Felix Mondragon 3rd

Cast Iron

Paul Sanché Jr. 1st

Christian Guzman 2nd

Paul Sanché 3rd

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