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Basic tips for new riders

24 mayo, 2021
triumph seguridad 2

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If you have just started in this world, or are interested in buying a motorcycle, do it responsibly, do not think that common sense is the only thing you need to keep yourself and those around you safe, you need to know the basic rules and advice Here are the most important according to BMW PressClub Mexico.

1.- Take a basic driving course, in this way you can learn much more than reading on the Internet, in addition to receiving advice to keep your motorcycle at 100% and being able to ask your instructor questions, in addition to the most important, you learn to drive without risking your life or that of others.

2.- Be extremely careful of ourselves, remember that on a motorcycle you are part of the bodywork.

3.- Turn on the headlight at all times, yes, even during the day, since this way you are more visible, remember that motorcycles are easily in the blind spot of motorists.

4.- Protective equipment, in the city it is recommended at least a helmet, gloves, jacket, knee pads and boots up to the ankle, on the road it is recommended to use a flip-up or closed helmet, a jacket with protection on shoulders, back and elbows, special pants with protection on hips, knees, in addition to motorcycle boots, in both cases it is recommended that your horn is working perfectly in case you have to make yourself noticed.

5.- Always have both hands on the handlebars and use the accelerator in a conscious way, especially if your motorcycle is of high cylinder capacity, this because with high power the possibility that your front tire will rise or that the rear lose traction.

6.- When you brake at low speed, that is, less than 30 km / h it is recommended that you only use the rear brake of your motorcycle, in this way you preserve all your ability to maneuver, above this speed it is recommended that you gradually apply both brakes, since Braking with the rear tire transfers the weight to the front tire, increasing its grip.

7.- Driving in a predictable way, in a linear way, without zigzags or sudden movements increases the possibility that motorists will see us, likewise we must be careful in the lanes on the right, since it is the lane to turn.

8.- Avoid driving behind a large vehicle as they block our visibility.

9.- Riding with enough space between our motorcycle and the vehicle in front to be able to stop in time.

10.- Consider the type of surface on which we are driving, there are some that do not give us the same grip as asphalt, for example metal plates, polished concrete, painted surfaces, covered with oil or dirt, you have to have special Be careful with wet surfaces and especially with the first rains, since they are the ones that carry the greatest amount of pollutants with them.

11.- Finally, a recommendation that covers a lot, know the traffic laws, in this way you make sure you are following the rules and avoid inconvenience by the authorities.

We hope these recommendations are useful to you and help prevent accidents, now, enjoy!

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