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Beta Xtrainer 300 2018 | Moto1Pro

25 mayo, 2021
beta xtrainer 300 2018 2

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Beta presents its new Xtrainer 2018, which takes advantage of many of the improvements of the RR 2018 models but with its peculiar vision of enduro. As valid for the enduro excursion as to enter the extreme enduro for its ease of handling.


• Power delivery: very docile and linear, which makes piloting very easy;
• Beta Progressive Valve: allows the engine an excellent adaptation of performance throughout the entire rev range, thanks to easy regulation from the outside;
• Seat height: lowered to 910 mm – compared to 930 mm for the RR range – to ensure even more comfortable riding;
• Contained weight: only 98 kg, which makes it agile and intuitive, even for the less expert; • Automatic greasing: eliminates the need for oil-gasoline premix;
• Soft tires: to guarantee better grip and better behavior on difficult terrain.
• 43 mm forks
• Perimeter chassis

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