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Biker makes a wheelie and loses his companion

22 mayo, 2021
caballito y adios

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We do not believe that it is necessary to explain that when we have someone on a motorcycle we have to be especially careful.

There are many considerations that we should have in this case. For example, if it is the first time that we take the person in question, we do not know if it will be one of those who “drive” them.

But something common in all cases, whether we know the person or not, is weight. Take someone on a motorcycle means carrying more weight, a very important detail to take into account.

In case you did not know, or could you imagine, to what extent this last detail is important, pay attention to this video.

The biker gives gas, makes a wheelie and loses his companion.

That fall had to hurt… a lot! Fortunately, the girl looks like she didn’t hurt herself and stands up on her own foot. Seeing as it was good, it is likely that he has gotten a laugh from more than one. Although it is also very likely that the laughs are due to recognize you in the situation, or not?

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