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BIKER TATTOO – Passion Biker

23 mayo, 2021
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As we know, it is called bikers to a subculture formed by a group of people who have a taste for motorcycles in common, especially talking about the non-sport motorcycling and they can be identified by belonging to different motorcycle clubs.

Bikers have a series of characteristics that represent them and that make their distinction from other cultures possible, such as their ethical traits, beliefs and ideology.

This time we will talk about a rather visual characteristic, we refer to the biker tattoo.

like the punk subculture, bikers were one of the first subcultures to adopt tattoos as an identifying mark, in times when tattoos represented a symbol of rebellion. The biker culture maintains ideals of rebellion, freedom and incompatibility in the face of certain points that society imposes and the tattoo continues to be a means of expression.

The beginnings of the biker as a subculture are recorded immediately after the Second World War, in the second half of the 1940s, mainly centered in the United States. Also in countries like Australia, Canada and Scotland. Obviously, his most characteristic trait is riding motorcycles, generally Harley davidson or choppers, in addition to their leather clothing, the use of beard and long hair, and patches that identify them as belonging to a certain group.

We leave some examples of very good biker tattoos that we found, worthy representatives of the biker culture.


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