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Biker with a wolf on his head in America

25 mayo, 2021
motorista lobo

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Videos of peculiar people riding a motorcycle we have seen many. From people who travel with their dogs, with their corresponding backpack, to people who seem to take advantage of motorcycle trips to do yoga, or some crazy people who, directly, do not even know what they are doing.

On this occasion, we bring you another ‘curious’ video of a biker with a wolf on his head.

Yes, as you read, but It does not carry a live wolf, but the skin of one hooked to the helmet (Although the skin covers him, it can be seen that he is wearing the helmet).

The video published by Mandy Powers Norrell, a member of the South Carolina Democratic Party. Obviously, reactions to images they did not take long to arrive, qualifying them as nauseating and making it clear that that fur, it suits the wolf much better than that man.

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