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25 mayo, 2021
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Accessories are usually elements in charge of providing that personal touch that distinguishes us from the rest. We already know that there are tastes and audiences for everything and it works.

Something that shows that in the biker world personalities are very varied, they are these new helmets NZI with new Candy Crush decorations, ideal for bikers geeks gamers. The success of this mobile game, which is rather a phenomenon of the virtual world that surrounds us, is incredible, and of course it has reached the world of motorcyclists.

The decoration with game motifs are found in the models Zeta and Rolling from NZI, Taking advantage of the fact that time is much more favorable, you can go out to show off these colorful Jet-type helmets. They are very comfortable and light, they boast a perfect fit, which is evident is the good finish they have.

There are three different types of illustrations to choose from:

Gameboard Model (ROLLING): Made from Nugema thermoplastic. With integrated sun visor. It is found in sizes from XS to XXL. Price: 184 euros.

Sugarbaby and X-Plosion (ZETA) models: It is simpler, compact and lighter. It has up to 3 types of screens and 7 dimensions and tones that can be adapted to this model. Sizes range from XXS to XL. Price: 144 euros.

Who said a security item couldn’t be fun?

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