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Bimota Tesi 3D RC / Bimota Impeto, optimizing the future

30 mayo, 2021

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The Bimota Tesi 3D RaceCafé takes up that project born in 1983 and that the Italian brand has been reviewing and updating over the years.

Always equipped with Ducati twin-cylinder engines, the one on the RC adopts the 803cc of air used by the Scrambler, due to its good behavior and the purity of its lines. Bimota I have redirected its Tesi towards the cafe racer style, which is so fashionable today. The structure itself is made up of two very lightweight aluminum plates that support two carbon swing arms, front and rear, which work with Ölhins shock absorbers. Both axes can be adjusted in height separately or simultaneously.

Bimota also showed its Impetus, a supernaked powered by the Ducati engine of the Diavel, with 156 hp. Although less revolutionary than the Tesi 3D RC, the Impeto shows a very beautiful composite multitubular chassis, accompanied by Öhlins suspension front and rear and Brembo brakes with radial monobloc calipers no less, among other delicacies …

The brand also announced its Supercharger kit, a volumetric compressor for adaptation to L-twin engines, basically Ducati, as well as presented the BB3 kit to be fitted with BMW engines.

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