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24 mayo, 2021
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The designer and digital artist from Turkey, Mehmet Doruk Erdem is the creator of it BMW Apollo Streamliner Concept. It really is a totally out of the box motorcycle as it is nothing like any other BMW motorcycle.


Erdem already has experience in the world of motorcycles, he has designed a wide variety of motorcycles, from cafe racers, hovercrafts and classic cruisers, but he usually has some projects in mind personally where he imagines what a BMW motorcycle that he creates in his fantasy world could look like, and here he proves it.


The front of the Apollo makes it obvious why it’s called the Streamliner, as it looks like something coming straight out of a wind tunnel. The bike was essentially designed to break speed records in Salt Lake City, so the unorthodox front end is just perfect for redirecting the wind away from the rider when driving at top speeds.


The rear is styled much more like a motorcycle vintage, but with an aggressive look. As for exterior elements, a double rear shock absorber suspension, a chopped frame, and what looks like a twin engine are shown.


The project is in the concept stage, but I pay to see it shoot one of these days.

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