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BMW F 800 GS, new aesthetics and more equipment

24 mayo, 2021

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“Because of the importance they have in the image and in the numbers of the company, both economically and in sales, we could say that BMW is a GS brand”. These words from a direct from BMW Ibérica during the presentation of the new GS, which took place in Ávila, make it very clear how important the arrival of its second generation of small GS is for the German brand. When these were born at the end of 2007 – then F 800 and F 650 -, they did so in the shadow of the success of the big boxers, but at this point the F 800 GS no longer lives off the revenues of others. In fact, there are already exclusive clubs of owners of F 800, of proud owners it should be pointed out. The numbers are also resounding: from 2007 to 2011 12,345 small GS were sold, reaching up to 48% of the corresponding market, a percentage that at the moment is “only” 39% as a result of the arrival of new models in the segment , eager to share the cake with the German bikes. But let’s focus this week on the refreshed F 800, and leave the new F 700 GS to come.

In this his second version of the F 800 GS, BMW has revised all the bike except the mechanics. The performance of its 85hp inline twin is considered to not only is it totally in line with what is carried in the segment, but also you are very satisfied with its touch, performance and reliability. In this aspect, then, nothing new under the sun, so on the tour we did through the Sierra de Guadarrama in Madrid we found the well-known engine with a good and round response at low and medium speed, which does not like it. too much spin above 6,000 rpm, which is where the peak torque -85 Nm- gives. It is true that it turns up to 8,000 rpm, but it already does so by transmitting to the pilot the inevitable vibrations due to the engine configuration. These reach the rider on the handlebar and footrest, and not being excessively annoying at any time, they are there. But let’s not make drama of this, because the antidote is clear: let’s move, then, in the easiest engine speed, that the engine has enough thrust at mid-range to not have to feel it. But let’s not waste any more time talking about the known part; Let’s go to the new on the new F 800 GS.

The changes have basically focused on a revision of the aesthetics and functionality of almost all its components., in improving the basic equipment, in the possibility of being able to add some more sophisticated extras, and in the option of being able to adapt it to a more specific use. In other words, the multifunctionality sought by those who consider the GS option when thinking about a new motorcycle has been taken a little further. In this sense, the BMW marketing people have very well defined this user. According to their studies, we are talking mainly about men between 30 and 40 years old with some experience – girls tend to opt more for the 650, from now on 700 – and who use the motorcycle both daily as a leisure vehicle. weekends.

With the changes made to the bodywork -now a little more angular, although without fanfare-, the new knob pineapples -Inherited from his older sisters-, the new dashboard design -Good and easy to read at a glance- and some more details the new GS clearly differs from its predecessor while maintaining the general lines. An approach very from the house that also in this case comes from the hand of that maxim that says that why change what is working … By the way, I forgot: three colors in which the new F 800 will be available As of September 1, I personally really liked that brown that BMW has called matt metallic Kalamata; it is much prettier live than in photos.
The Córdoba Blue is more striking, while the Alpine White is the most classic of the three options.

Beyond the mirror, that is, changes that influence the dynamics, behavior and safety of the motorcycle, BMW has incorporated into the new F 800 GS as standard the standard switchable ABS to its double 300 mm front disc with two-piston calipers. As options, the ESA electronic adjustment is offered, reserved exclusively for the rear shock absorber extension hydraulic on this bike, the disconnectable traction control, as well as other more specific extras such as the reduction of power to 35 kW for A2 license users; or for the more adventurous, equip the motorcycle with offroad tires or reprogram the engine to be able to use low-octane gasoline such as that found in Africa or South America … The message about what the acronym GS means is very clear in this sense. not?
We have reviewed what is new about the new F 800 GS, but how and what does all this translate into when riding with it? I have to say that nobody SHOULD expect big dynamic differences from the previous version.
It continues to be an easy motorcycle, which does not require much attention when riding it; it is managed with thought.

During the presentation, Jordi Aymamí and I had a couple of very different phases. The first, we moved through the highways of the mountains almost looking for locations for Jaime Olivares to take the photos of the reports that you can see here. With this approach, that is, at the pace of a ride, the GS 800 is a perfect bike. The engine is very pleasant at medium speed, the feel of the brakes is very correct, the bike is light, the clutch and the gear seem not to exist. The only thing, but in my case it came from the hand of the seat height; I had a hard time every time I had to do a standing maneuver with her …
And what to say when we went into a quarry to take some photos: What anguish! And no, I’m not that short. I went through some squeezes that made me particularly angry, because precisely the BMW offer of different seat heights is enormous, ranging from 920 mm for the rally seat to 820 for the smallest: I suppose I must have had the German seat version. A detail to take into account when buying the motorcycle. In the gravel areas where I ventured with the F 800 – sometimes we get into every puddle – I also appreciated being able to disconnect the ASC – traction control – because otherwise I would have had to go get a crane!

The train!
Jordi, Jaime and I were so focused on the subject of the photos that our time passed. Suddenly we remember the AVE that Jordi had at seven. The return to Madrid was one of those of… missing the train. And our sprint helped me to get to know the new F 800 GS in circumstances in which probably few of its future users will use it. I have to say that, except for the aforementioned vibrations beyond 6,000 rpm, I was surprised. With the ESA in Sport position, the GS 800 treads well, supports without wobbling – I have a somewhat strange expression, right? – and at some point when I found myself in a situation of having to brake with the bike a little inclined the fork, contrary to what I expected, did its job without the typical nasty change in geometry that occurs when the front end sags: good. The chassis / suspension feel in this regard positively surprised me.

As said, The new F 800 GS will go on sale from September 1 with a price of 10,750 euros, already with the new VAT of 21% appliedor -the previous version with the optional ABS and the old VAT of 18%, cost 10,716-. Oh, and as expected, Jordi missed the AVE.

Presentation published in the magazine Solo Moto nº1885
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