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BMW Moto Concept R18, back to custom

25 mayo, 2021
bmw motorrad concept r18 1

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A BMW motorcycle that goes back to the origins of motorcycling

It is clear that the world of motorcycles has advanced with the passage of time, that every day we have motorcycles with more electronics, more assisted and with more gadgets. But when you take a motorcycle from other decades, yes the kind that had carburetors and did not even have ABS, you once again enjoy what it means to ride a motorcycle. There is unquestionably a stream of motorcycle fans, let’s say essential. With the BMW Motorrad Concept R18 this pure and essential motorcycle concept comes to life. It has practically no more technology than that which can house a state-of-the-art boxer engine connected by a very classic-inspired cardan to a huge rear wheel.

All in it are simple, clear lines, with everything in sight, without hiding anything. BMW has it very easy, the same as Moto Guzzi, so that their bikes are identified at the first glance. You see a boxer engine sticking out of the sides of a motorcycle and there you have a BMW. And this is the aesthetic key of the Comcept R18, with highly stylized cylinder heads and very classic details such as the cylinder connections to the exhaust pipes.

BMW Concept R18

For Bart Janssen Groesbeek, designer of the BMW Concept R18: “One of the keys to this bike is to make everything visible and for each of its parts to have a function. We believe that hardly anyone has achieved such an ‘honest’ Concept” ” . The bike is long and low, with a hand-painted “teardrop” fuel tank and a color scheme inspired by the bikes of the 60s. It is very reminiscent of the old BMW R5, in which the concept was also set. of the Hommage. The fuel tank and chassis are uniform in lines, while the rear axle appears to float freely. The 21 ” front and 18 ” rear spoked wheels are shod with Metzeler tires.

Moments of the realization of the BMW Concept R18

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