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24 mayo, 2021
header BMW RNiteT

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The retro style continues to give material and inspire the big brands to create the most incredibly beautiful motorcycle models with a vintage base but with great power and high technology. Now it’s time to talk about the BMW R nineT Scrambler.

BMW presented in the EICMA 2015 to the R nineT Scrambler, which is due out this year.

It has a classic 1,200cc boxer engine and its elevated dual exhaust gives this bike powerful propulsion and ensures that its purr will be heard. The front rim is 19 inches to improve its performance off-roadThis provides a safe and relaxed driving position for the pilots, as well as the ability to roll anywhere. The promise is that with the BMW R nineT Scrambler you can do whatever you want.

The matte metallic Monolith tank and some other unique details keep the Scrambler in its vintage style.

Another plus is that you need little to give it a personal touch, because the objective of the R nineT Scrambler is to be a ready base to get a motorcycle that you can customize through original BMW accessories or other preparers.

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