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BMW R75 Wehrmachtsgespann a military motorcycle

24 mayo, 2021

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Let’s get to know a little about the BMW R75 Wehrmachtsgespann a 500 kg military motorcycle.

The BMW R75 is a motorcycle created specifically for military use, it was used by the Germans and Russians during WWII and like the VW Beetle it was made to meet military requirements.

What were these requirements?

That it used the same tires as the volkswagen (to reduce the number of different types of spare parts), The fenders should have dimensions that prevent the drag chains from getting stuck (Snow chains), provide a range of 350 km, Capacity of half ton load (half the motorcycle and half the sidecar), minimum ground clearance of 150 mm, maximum speed of 95 km / h and cruising speed of 80 km / h, this fully loaded.

By the time the German military administration demanded the development of this motorcycle, BMW already had options available that matched several of these requirements and did not represent a challenge for them.

This bike didn’t make a huge difference on the battlefield, not even the German, let alone the Russian, who had a hell of a lot of trouble trying to get the heavy half-ton motorcycle on smooth and muddy roads, but it’s a beautiful one nonetheless. machine.

This model has some peculiarities, one of them is that the rear rim had an axle with a differential that made the sidecar rim rotate, which could be blocked so that they had no compensation, it could also climb slopes of up to 40 ° taking impulse or 30 ° indefinitely, it has a double set of speeds, one for running normally and the other for going out on heavy terrain.

Without a doubt this motorcycle has an incredible tough look and we would love to ride on those 500 kilograms of BMW motorcycle.

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