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BMW Sprint Beemer Lucky Cat Garage

24 mayo, 2021
faster lucky cat bmw5

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Love at first sight, this is how I would define this Article. A Custom motorcycle created for a competition in Germany ended up being the sensation that everyone who was present fell in love with.

The creator of this custom motorcycle, Sébastien Lorentz, did not start from the motorcycle frame, for the first time a motorcycle appears inspired by a drag racing MH Racemaster Tire.

The design went through many processes on paper, but the stage was to make a motorcycle, light, without extra components, with rabies acceleration, a custom boxer, with great traction and aerodynamic efficiency.

The objective, to present the Moto at the Great Glemserch 101 event that is held every year in Germany. Where you find bikes on display and a Sprint where he considered racing.

The end result was a container of essential BMW collectibles; a “2 bar” frame from the 50s, in the 70s it was considered a “5 and 7 bar” rear, front and engine and a R100RS, changes from the beautiful R100R of the 90s and for Lastly, a swingarm from a “7 bar” motorcycle from the early 80s.

The fuel tank is from a moped that curiously has the BMW logo. The motorcycle has not gone through any bank so the power data is not available.

Other details on this custom is a sporty lacquer tree, electronic racing ignition, DellOrto 40 carburettors with a lightened crankshaft and clutch system. The improvements that were made to the engine were to reinforce the transmission and rear axle and remove the starter and alternator to save weight.

With a lot of work and an accident that incapacitated the creator Seb To compete, he managed to present this beauty in the German event with the help of his friend and pilot Sylvain Berneron and the result was the award of “Best of Show” and the first place in the Sprinte Star Wars where he competed against powerful Harley chassis rigid. A great success in the motorcycle and a delight for those of us who are passionate bikers.

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